Use your Dryer more efficiently

Dry your clothes, not your pocket book

If your clothes OR your pocket book are shrinking, you’re doing it wrong. Check out our tips and tricks to save time and money!

FILLED TO THE BRIM: Make sure your dryer load has ample room to move around. If a dryer is too full, the heat source at the back of the machine is more likely to shrink, burn, or even melt clothing (or large comforters) that can’t tumble correctly.

IT’S A TRAP: If you want your dryer to continue running more smoothly than the snot down a kid’s lip on a hot summer day, make sure to thoroughly clean your dryer’s lint traps “before, during and after” every load. Otherwise it’ll clog and cause you a headache!

HEALTHY VENTING: It’s not always easy to do on your own — most appliance experts recommend hiring a professional — but keep the vent clear to avoid a dryer that takes multiple cycles to work correctly. If you are having to run your dryer several times to get one load of wash to dry, your vent may need to be cleared properly.