Reviews and Referrals Earn Discounts

We want to show our appreciation to loyal customers and thank you for your business by offering specials and discounts when you help spread the word about us! Show us you appreciate us and we’ll make sure you get a thank you!

Ask for current special offers

  1.  Customer Referrals. When you refer friends who become customers, and they mention your name, you will receive special offers and discounts! The more you refer, the more you earn.
  2.  Like us on Facebook. We know you like us in person. Now you can like us on Facebook so others can hear about who we are and become your referrals, earning you special discounts.
  3.  Share us on social media. We love social butterflies. Share us on all of your social media outlets to earn dynamite discounts! Share us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr or other blogs, Instagram, YouTube, and all the others we missed.
  4.  Blog about us and link it to our website. There is nothing that spreads faster than word-of-mouth. Please tell your friends about us in person, as well as online whenever you have the opportunity!
  5.  Current Specials. Ask about current specials, discounts, and offers for being a loyal customer and helping us build our business. We have new and fun offers that change periodically, and may start doing other fun things like contests so you can win prizes and recognition as well.
  6.  Review us. We honestly appreciate your feedback so we can continuously improve our service. When you review us online, it gives us a chance to reach more people with our services. Please review us by clicking each link below and earn even more fun special offers for being a loyal customer.