Washer tips and tricks

Whether you have a new or used washer, we have tips/tricks to help you be more efficient! How can you save energy AND money?

DON’T BE SHALLOW: Too little water in the wash adds more pressure to the system and can cause wear/tear and damage over time. Keep about four inches of water above the clothes before starting the cycle.

DETERGENT DETOUR: The majority of people use the wrong detergent without even realizing it! In front-load, high-efficiency washing machines, it is best to use detergent marked with a high-efficiency logo. Using standard detergent in these washers may not only void your warranty, but cause build-up that is hard to remove.

TOO MUCH IS TOO MUCH: Using too much detergent allows soap to accumulate on clothes AND in the machine. Did you know it’s best for new owners of high-efficiency washers to do the first several loads of laundry without soap to eliminate already-existing residue?? For front- and top-load washers, use only as much soap as you need (and not more), even if that’s only half of what’s marked on the cap. Because Albuquerque has hard water, you’ll probably need to use more than if you lived somewhere with softer water, but still most likely not as much as is suggested on the cap/box.

COLD SHOULDER: It’s tempting to wash only in cold water because it makes colors less likely to bleed and material less likely to shrink, but cold water doesn’t dissolve detergent the way warm water does. Running a warm cycle every few washes will help prevent soap scum from building up.